Making your life more relaxing

Making your life more relaxing

Making your life more relaxingMaking your life more relaxing

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New Things

To my TBC family, I wish you all good health and safety during these challenging times. This to shall pass and I believe we will all be stronger for it. I have decided on my new fragrances for this spring/summer season. Get your Feng Shui on with Feng Shui Water and Wood. Clear out some of those stuffy odor's with Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator. We can never have enough Vanilla, so I've added Vanilla Velvet.  Last and but not least, transport to an exotic destination with Palace Garden. Go to fragrance's to read the description's of these wonderful scents. Most are in the Every Day section. Palace Garden is in Summer Scents. 



We will be returning to the Oswego Country Market starting on June 7th and Naperville 95th Street Market starting on June 4th. I will post the dates we will NOT be attending soon.